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Bedroom curtain cleaners


  1. What type of curtains can you clean?

    At Nataro we clean all types of curtains including cotton, silks, linen, blackout and thermal as well as most types of blinds and rugs.

  2. Can you clean silk curtains?

    We can clean all delicates including silks. Our machines have specific cleaning programmes set up to ensure the most gentle cycle. This, combined with specialist silk cleaning fluids ensures your delicates will have thorough, yet gentle care.

  3. How should I clean my curtains?
    Curtains require professional dry cleaning in order to achieve the best results and prevent shrinkage and other damages. Sometimes you can gentle wash your nets and some basic types of curtains at home. This is indicated on the care label.


  4. How often should I dry clean my curtains?

    Depending on the level of pollution in your area you should clean your curtains every 1-3 years.

  5. Can dry cleaning take out watermarks?

    Dry cleaning provides thorough in depth cleaning, however the removal of water marks is something that dry cleaning chemicals will most often not be successful in removing.

  6. Can dry cleaning get rid of mould?

    Dry cleaning does remove harmful allergens and kills living mould, however the water stains left by mould residue will most often not be removed.

  7. Is it better if I remove my curtains first?

    It is always recommended to leave your curtains and blinds hanging. This is so that our professional fitters can assess and measure all the curtains whilst in place, and ensure their correct reinstating and dressing once clean.

  8. What is your shrinkage policy?

    Shrinkage can often be a risk in dry cleaning, especially with some materials. Our experts can assess how to minimise the risk of shrinkage using the right chemicals and cleaning processes, and our Nataro guarantee will ensure that your curtains are covered.

  9. Should my curtain dry cleaner have insurance?

    There are always risks involved when having workmen in your house or workplace, and it is best practise to ensure the company you are using have insurance. At Nataro we have public liability insurance for all of our expert fitters for up to £1m. Rest assured however that to this date we have never had to make a claim.

  10. Where does Nataro clean curtains?

    All of our curtains and blinds are taken to our West London studios.

  11. What are the largest curtains you can clean?

    Throughout the years of providing curtain cleaning for cinemas and theatres we have yet to find a curtain too big to clean.

  12. Do I have to pay for a quote or call out?

    We provide a completely free estimate service for all of our clients to all areas of London.

  13. When do I pay?

    All of our clients are required to pay on or before re-fitting.

  14. How do I pay?

    Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash, online, or in person with the fitter. All payment information can be found at the bottom of your invoice.

  15. What areas do you cover?

    We cover all of Greater London.

  16. How soon can someone come to take a look at my curtains?

    We will do our utmost to ensure that we send a fitter to assess your curtains ASAP. Our average call out times are within the same or next day.

  17. How long does the cleaning process take?

    The dry cleaning process on average will take 1 week. There may be instances where your curtains can be returned sooner, however this is discussed on a case per case basis.

  18. Does sun damage have an influence on the final product?

    Long term sun exposure can cause damage and most often will weaken the threads and lining of your curtains. This will all be assessed by the fitter on the estimate, and the risks of which discussed in person.

  19. Can you clean blackout curtains?

    Blackout linings are a rubberised film sprayed onto the back of a fabric lining to block out the sun and for some insulative properties. During the dry cleaning process this can often fall apart in patches, or reach melting temperatures. In most cases the face fabric will not be damaged, and in some cases the blackout lining may deteriorate. We at Nataro do clean blackout curtains, however it will be at the customers risk only.

  20. Can I drop off my curtains?

    Our fitters are constantly mobile and will in most cases need to inspect and assess how your curtains or blinds are hanging on site in order to restore them to their best condition. They cover all of London and are always at hand to collect.

  21. Will the fitter ensure that my curtains are hanging perfectly?

    Yes, our fitters are trained and practised to ensure the best finish to your curtains.

  22. What aftercare is provided?

    As well as final dressing and re-steaming if required. Our team at Nataro are always here to advise about any future queries you may have.

  23. Do I have to pay additional costs for labour or parking restrictions?

    We like to make your life easy at Nataro, so we ensure that there are no additional costs added to your cleaning quote at the end of the bill. Labour and parking costs will not be added on top of any quote we give.

  24. What type of establishments do you cover?

    We cover all types of business or residences.

  25. Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

    Whilst steam cleaning may provide a fresher look in the moment, this type of cleaning will not penetrate nor sterilise your curtains like dry cleaning methods.

  26. What are the benefits of dry cleaning?

    Dry cleaning is more fabric friendly in the long run, and can ensure allergen and dust free results every time. It is also much better for delicate fabrics and more specialist materials, most often found in high quality curtains.

  27. Do you clean nets at the same cost?

    Most nets are a little easier to clean for us, and are therefore priced at a discounted rate.

  28. What factors does the quote depend on?

    Your fitter will assess the material, quality, build, and size of both curtains and blinds. He will be able to generate a bespoke quote for your curtains or blinds based on these factors.

  29. Do you do special packages for hotels?

    We have many bespoke packages set up for hotels of all shapes and sizes. It is best to call in and speak to us in person to arrange an appointment.

  30. Can tassels and tie backs be cleaned?

    Many dry cleaners will only agree to wash tassels and tie backs, however Nataro have the equipment and personnel in place to dry clean these items individually to achieve the best results.

  31. Do thicker curtains cost more to clean?

    Depending on the build of your curtains these may turn out to cost a little more. Many curtains are thicker, due to an insulating layer placed between the lining and face fabric. These will cost a little more to clean due to the complexities of the build and volume of material.

  32. Will bad odours go away from dry cleaning?

    Yes, dry cleaning is a very effective way to remove smells and bad odours.

  33. I have very high ceilings, could you still clean my curtains?

    Our fitters have all the equipment necessary to remove the tallest of curtains.

  34. Do you do cleaning on site?

    On site cleaning does not achieve the best results, for that reason Nataro only dry clean in our studios.

  35. Can wine stains be removed in the dry cleaning process?

    Like watermarks dry cleaning can improve individual stains, however cannot guarantee the removal of stains.

  36. Do you clean rugs as well?

    We do clean rugs, often specialising in more delicate items such as Persians, Afghans and Indian rugs.

  37. Do you clean carpets and upholstery?

    To achieve the best results we can only clean in our own studios, therefore anything removable such as rugs, headboards, and furniture covers can be taken away and cleaned at our premises.

  38. Can you fix pulley mechanisms?

    Yes, our trained fitters can fix all sorts of mechanical issues with curtains or blinds.

  39. Can you do repairs on curtains?

    Yes, our seamstresses can perform all sorts of repairs and alterations.

  40. Would you be able to redo the lining of my curtains or make any alterations?

    Yes, all sorts of alterations can be made by our seamstresses. Most common alterations include shortenings, relining, reinforcing headings, and taking edges in.

  41. Can you give me a quote over the phone?

    Our team will be able to give you a broad idea of costs over the phone, however this will be dependant on information given by the client, and a fitter will have to attend to give a final estimate.

  42. How long can you store my curtains for?

    One month free of charge.

  43. What type of blinds can you clean?

    We clean most types of blinds including: Venetian, Vertical, Roman and Austrian.

  44. How do you dry clean Venetian blinds?

    Venetian blinds are cleaned in a state of the art ultrasound dipping machine. This uses ultrasound resonance to clean the strings, slats and internal components of the blind. It is proven to be the most effective and thorough way to clean Venetian blinds.

  45. Can you re – string my blinds?

    Yes, we can restring all types of Roman blinds.

  46. Can you repair the lining in my roman blinds?

    Yes, repairs or replacement of all types of linings can be made by our seamstresses.

  47. Can you fix blind mechanisms?

    In most cases yes, however it is always best that our fitter assesses on the estimation.

  48. Can you add blackout linings to my blinds or curtains?

    Yes, we do provide this service.

  49. What are the benefits to using Nataro over my nearest dry cleaner?

    Nataro cleaners provide the full package cleaning service, including fitters, cleaning, and re-hanging. We provide hassle free service, and no shrinkage guarantees at very reasonable rates. Why go elsewhere?

  50. Can you fire proof my curtains?

    We do provide this service for large volumes of curtains.

  51. What time do you close?

    Our call centres close weekdays at 8pm, and weekends at 6pm. Our fitters can attend outside of these hours.

  52. Can you take a look at my curtains over the weekend?

    Yes, our fitters do work over the weekend.

  53. Can we set up corporate partnerships and long term agreements?

    We do have existing partnerships in place, and welcome future relations. Feel free to drop us a mail to discuss further.

  54. How long will the estimate take?

    The fitter should take no longer than 20 mins to provide an accurate quote.

  55. How long will it take to receive the quote?

    Your fitter will be able to give you your quote in person, as well as this, an electronic version will be sent by email the very same day.

  56. How many years of experience do your fitters have?

    Our most qualified fitters have over 8 years of experience in the industry.

  57. Can you replace curtain hooks?

    Yes, we can replace all tyes of curtain hooks.

  58. How soon can I book in my curtains?

    We can often book your curtains to be cleaned instantly, with works commencing within 24hrs.

  59. Do you take Amex?

    We take all forms of card media.

  60. Can I pay to get my curtains back sooner?

    There are no options for overpayments. However, if we can get your curtains to you sooner, we will free of charge.

  61. Do you clean old curtains?

    Yes, our experts can assess the strength of your curtains on site and will discuss the risks to you in person.

  62. Can Nataro cover my end of tenancy curtain cleaning for tenants?

    We have lots of partnerships set up with letting agencies and landlords alike. We can manage curtain and blind cleaning across your entire portfolio.

  63. Are Nataro fitters dog friendly?

    Yes, we love dogs at Nataro!

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