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Nataro Curtain and Blind Cleaning Comes with Non shrinkage guarantee

b l i n d   c l e a n i n g

                    We at Nataro clean most types of blinds. Roman blinds would be taken apart in our studio and then treated using methods similar to those used for curtains. Upon assembly we can refresh the mechanism or replace the strings if required.

For other types of blinds (wooden or metal venetian blinds, vertical blinds, etc) we use our state of the art ultrasound cleaning method. In this process the whole blind is submerged into dry cleaning fluid and exposed to ultrasound waves, these cause dust and dirt to decompose and blend with the fluid. In the second stage of the ultrasound cleaning process the fluid is recovered, leaving your blind immaculately clean both inside and out.

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b   l   i   n   d        c   l   e   a   n   i   n   g

No shrinkage and every blind cleaned comes with our Nataro guarantee!

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