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Nataro Curtain and Blind Cleaning Comes with Non shrinkage guarantee

            Dry cleaning of your curtains and blinds are the only effective way to provide in depth cleaning with a dust and allergen free outcomeFor us at Nataro, curtain dry cleaning is the core of our business. We encompass the latest available dry cleaning methods with skilled and experienced personnel, using the most up to date machinery and environmentally friendly cleaning fluids.

Our Team will access your curtains and apply only the most suitable cleaning methods to curtains which may have special requirements. For instance, heavy cotton curtains can withstand the strongest of our cleaning methods, where more delicate silks with possible sun damage will require special, more subtle paths. Blackout curtains have became a subject of interest in recent years due to low quality imported blackout linings. Treatment of such always begins with tests to establish quality and condition of these linings.

All of these methods at Nataro have been mastered over the years, and together with small details such as regular changing of dry cleaning fluids for fresh ones, careful ironing, cleanliness and attention to details, we can ensure non-shrinkage and the best results.

We at Nataro are confident our curtain and blind cleaning services are leading the industry.

t y p e s   o f   c u r t a i n s   c l e a n e d   a t   N a t a r o

Unlined Curtains - These simple curtains are most often made from one layer of cotton or linen, and serve a mostly decorative purpose.

Lined Curtains - Two layers of fabric form these curtains, mostly constructed of a cotton face fabric with blackout lining (blackout rubberised film applied to cotton or polyester fabric). Face fabrics come in all sorts of materials such as silk or linen.

Interlined Curtains - Sometimes referred to as thermal. Like lined curtains they comprise of two layers of fabric, with an extra thick padded layer placed between face fabric and lining. They are a lot heavier and together with blackout lining have much better insulation properties. 

No shrinkage and every curtain cleaned comes with our Nataro guarantee!

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